Restore “Save as…”

Many people may have known about this, but I didn’t. I haven’t had that much trouble with the new default behavior though.

  • Ron Miller

    I only want to use “save as” when I need to transfer a “cloud” document to a USB drive to move to another computer. However, I thought all you needed to do was to press “Option” while clicking on the File menu and the “Duplicate” entry changes to “Save As” (or you can press shift-option-command-S).

  • Removing the Save As was one of the worst UI decisions Apple has every made. Not sure how it made it through. Its terrible. I deal with questions from users all the time.

    • lucascott

      I had just as many questions before about Save V Save As so neither, in my view, is perfect.

  • So you open up a document to make a couple of small, quick changes. 15 minutes go by and you realize you got on a roll and have made big, sweeping changes to your document. But you don’t want to lose the original document as it existed before you started working on it.

    Once upon a time you’d invoke Save As to keep the original document as it was before you opened it, while preserving all the new work you’ve done in a newly named document. And you’d carry on working.

    To achieve this now in Mountain Lion, you’d need to Duplicate the document, which just creates a copy of the document as it presently exists, then invoke Revert To and start fishing through a Time Machine-like stack of document versions until you eyeball the one that looks like the one you started out with and select it. Now you’ve got the two versions of the document open, but you only need the one, so you close the other and get back to work.

    Talk about an interruption to your workflow.

    Thanks for sharing this tip.

    • lucascott

      Actually with Versions you rarely have to do any of that since the system saves the original and those ‘sweeping changes’ right in that stack

  • GFYantiapplezealots

    I LOVE that they got rid of Save As. It’s pretty sad that people are so incapable of doing something different, especially when it makes things easier.

  • Sounds different, but not necessarily easier. Just a different way of thinking.