John Sculley needs to shut the fuck up

“Apple needs to adapt to a very different world,” Sculley said. “As we go from $500 smartphones to even as low, for some companies, as $100 for a smartphone, you’ve got to dramatically rethink the supply chain and how you can make these products and do it profitably.”

Seriously? The guy that kicked Steve Jobs out of Apple and then ran the company into the ground is giving advice to Tim Cook, a supply chain guru. What’s Bloomberg got on tap for tomorrow to give Apple advice, an interview with a car full of clowns and a skateboarding dog?

  • tylernol

    I think the skateboarding dog gives good advice.

  • Gil Amelio is next?

    • SS

      Its Dr.Amelio He prefters to be called tha

  • rolphus

    Apple should clearly be taking advice from Orlando the cat:

    • yes….and don’t forget that brilliant forcaster Clucko the chicken!

  • The Silver Fox

    The Beard tells it like it is. LOL

  • I agree that Sculley can take a flying leap, but I did laugh out loud when I read this since you can substitute the idea of the smart phone for cheap apps in the App Store and the parallel is clear. Would be poetic justice if Apple had to bow to the pressure of cheaper and cheaper hardware just like us devs have had to do with cheaper and cheaper (.99) apps in the app store.

    • Apple’s history in the Jobs2 era has always been to use free or cheap software to drive hardware sales- whether it’s iLife free on all Mac, the insanely low cost of Final Cut Pro in comparison to it’s competitors in 1999, or the price of apps on either appStore.

  • What is Sculley suggesting that is so far removed from what Apple has done repeatedly in the recent past that he deserves derision? Apple has introduced lower-cost Macs (e.g., original iMac and Mini), iPods (e.g., Mini, Nano, Shuffle), and iPads (e.g., iPad Mini and cost-reduced iPad 2) in recent years. Given history, shouldn’t we be more surprised if Apple doesn’t introduce a lower-cost option and rethink the supply chain to do so?

    • Apple already offers two lower cost iPhones: the 4S and the 4.

      • You need to consider the subsidy being paid by carriers in the prices. The 4 and 4S, while cheaper than the 5, are still not close the ranges Sculley and other commentators are referring to.

      • StetsonG

        The iPhone 4, the cheapest iPhone you can buy new from Apple, costs $450 off-contract, which is how a lot of the world buys phones.

        The idea of a free smartphone with an expensive 2-year contract is mostly a US phenomenon.

    • Mother Hydra

      Don’t even go that far down the rabbit hole. He should have been socked in the face when he opened his big maw. He literally has no credibility and should be discounted right away.

  • quietstorms

    Jobs, in 2004, with Steven Levy:

    “The Mac user interface was a 10-year monopoly,” says Jobs. “Who ended up running the company? Sales guys. At the critical juncture in the late ’80s, when they should have gone for market share, they went for profits. They made obscene profits for several years. And their products became mediocre. And then their monopoly ended with Windows 95. They behaved like a monopoly, and it came back to bite them, which always happens.”

    I’m not saying that Sculley didn’t screw up Apple but that doesn’t make him wrong in this situation either.

    • Nailed it.

    • kibbles

      hmm, yeah well when apple isn’t dominating the entire industry’s profits, then i think this arm-chair management may be appropriate. until then, it’s just nuts.

      apple owns the profit share of the mobile world. owns it.

      • So what you’re saying is Apple should wait until they lose dominance, then start to think of a way to fight back. That just doesn’t make sense to me.

        • Player_16

          That sounds like a RIM moment -which is what they’re doing.

  • MrPhotoEd

    Right now Bloomberg is trying to figure out how you knew what their main story was going to be tomorrow.

  • Doctorossi

    TWO companies are profitable in smartphones. TWO. Apple is one of those companies (the one making 71% of that profit).

    WHY is Sculley telling the most profitable smartphone company that they need to “rethink” to be profitable?!

  • What John Sculley said is well thought-out, insightful, and for the most part, completely spot-on. Apple must bow to consumer and competitor pressure and find a way to sell a $199 iPhone; $299 off contract price. Apple will continue to nose-dive into oblivion if they continue down the path they’re on. Apple would be well off to bring Sculley back in an advisory role to help Tim Cook right the ship… < long dramatic pause > …said no one ever!

    • Doctorossi


    • Player_16

      I’ll help you end your statement… /SARCASM

    • David

      Are you for real? Apple should carrying on getting things right, as the have for the past decade. The way to do that is to do what they’re current doing and avoid listening to arseholes who know sod-all about their business but offer shite advice from the sidelines. Those that can do, and those that think that they can (but can’t) write for business journals.

      • Um. You saw the “said no one ever!” at the end, right? Meaning sarcasm… Oh hell, never mind.

        • Mother Hydra

          give that up, your efforts are wasted on him.

  • that people like Scully seem genetically incapable of NOT giving advice, is wondrous. Like groundhog day……

  • Let’s ask Michael Dell, shall we?

    • Wakjob

      Better yet get that Indian CEO currently running Adobe into the ground to run the company.

  • Also, can someone mention to me, say…, 3 [real] smartphones (not the Asha crap) that sell for under $100 without subsidies? That is: Pay full price of $100 and go on a month-to-month contract with data, texting, and voice.

    Maybe I am missing something here.

  • chjode

    Here’s a preview of tomorrow’s interview, Jim:

  • Boo

    This guys opinion on what Apple “needs” to do is even more useless than Woz’s.

    effing arm-chair executives . . . .

  • CJ

    Mr Sugar Water speaks. If he had stayed around we’d still be using MacPaint.

  • Mother Hydra

    Between the two (Bloomberg and WSJ) I’m thinning out my RSS feeds like a fiend lately. Can’t stand this pandering, link-bait garbage.

  • friend

    Now that Steve is dead, and isn’t alive to refute what Sculley says, he can’t stop promoting himself, and should stop trying to live off Steve Jobs legacy. Harry Hersh, a Pepsi executive, was the one who invented the” Pepsi Challenge” Sculley’s supposed big marketing coo, He lived off of, and EXPLOITED was not even his idea.” Nice guy “

  • Wakjob

    Bean counters gonna count. Bring back Ellen Handcock – that will surely keep Apple going.