Top 10 ways to destroy a snowman

As a Canadian, I have to say that #2 is very popular.

  • Jldinsdale
    1. Definitely. Snow and explosives.
  • Jimh

    They left out the number one method in Toronto. We simply unplug the snowman and carry him down to the basement for next year (OK – maybe not destroying but we are a mellow folk in Toronto).

  • Steven Fisher

    I’d never do #7; that’s a waste of hot water that could keep me alive in my igloo overnight.

    Also, Shawn’s right. #2 is popular. Though #1 is also very popular with the kids.

  • I am really surprised there was no running two-footed dropkick (a-la–Shawn Micheals). Always a fav…

  • BuzzL

    Hmmmm, my huskies seem to have a different technique involving lifting one leg.

  • Glad he didn’t try #2 on an two day old Iowa Snowman. You build it, the next day it partially melts and becomes an Iceman (cue Top Gun music)