Skeuomorphism in design

I like Skeuomorphism. I’m amazed at what designers and artists can come up with.

  • An excellent commentary on the subject by Sacha Greif:

  • gjgustav

    Skeuomorphism has taken a beating as of late. Probably because it some places it’s used incorrectly.

    On iOS with full screen apps, I like skeuomorphism, and I’ve noticed novice users take to the apps more easily when they have a familiar look to them.

  • Like any design tool, skeuomorphism has its place, but if used incorrectly it can make a design, and subsequently the user’s experience, worse.

    I think Apple lost the plot a little with their skeuomorphetish over the last few years.

    • People have conflated skeuomorphism with tasteful design. The simple fact that something incorporates stitched leather is not an indictment of skeuomorphisms.

  • lucascott

    I don’t mind it as much as some. What bugs me is doing it just to do it and failing at more vital things. Like the shadows on the knobs in iOS 6 when it released with major and costly bugs.

  • I like making generalizations about design, as though one style works for every purpose.

    Also, that lighted rocker switch looks gorgeous.

    • Klattu