Facebook anno… ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Facebook is trying to give Google a run for its money, with a new product called “Graph Search.” It turns some of the personal information people have shared on Facebook into a powerful searchable database.

Who gives a fuck.

  • rwitt

    Not me.

  • The one billion Facebook users give a fuck, obviously

    • gjgustav

      not really.

    • ChuckO

      What’s obvious about that? Who says?

    • kibbles

      im a FB user — i dont give a fuck.

      if i need FB to tell me which of my friends i should invite over to a party, then they arent my friends. simple as that.

      the announcement i saw offers me no value.

  • John Gruber 😛

  • Ben Randolph

    1) Facebook shareholders probably care. 2)Those people who live their lives through Facebook. 3) Advertisers

  • What a snoozefest. Unless you’re Robert Scoble, I guess.

  • From a computer science point of view, this is quite amazing stuff. Google is starting to do more of it, but the natural language processing, and data linking at Facebook seems to be a bit more powerful.

    It might not be a very good product (I think it looks quite useful myself, but that’s my opinion) but from a technology point of view, this is the way the web is moving, and Facebook appear to be not far off the cutting-edge of that.

  • Steven Fisher

    I dunno. Seems practical and useful to me. Of course, I don’t know if it will turn out to be useful.

  • Biggest non-announcement ever.

  • Kabukiman

    Why even post about it?

    • I’m sure he’ll be singing a different tune when Apple and Facebook team up to tap Siri into this thing.

  • Byrn Baker

    because it was funny thats why.

  • I think that Graph Search could be a useful tool. I can see using it to find restaurants and places to visit in cities I am not familiar with. I trust my firends’ opinions more than strangers (Yelp, etc.).

    Here is an interesting article from Steven Levy at Wired on how the tool was developed and some other details. http://www.wired.com/business/2013/01/the-inside-story-of-graph-search-facebooks-weapon-to-challenge-google/all/

  • Thanks, I spit tea out of my nose when I read the last line

  • Domicinator

    Can we all just agree after today that we don’t need Facebook to be things that it’s not? They should do this kind of stuff behind the scenes. We don’t really need to know about it. Make a PR announcement so that everyone knows what it is and why it’s there. Done.

    I get on Facebook to see what people I know are doing and maybe play some games. I think it’s fair to say that most people do the same. Wanna add search? Go ahead. I probably won’t use it, and don’t need a big secret keynote to find out about it.

    • I know lots of people who don’t play games on Facebook, myself included. What is one person’s “normal use” of FB is not necessarily another’s.

      I could care less that there are games on Facebook, but this search thing sounds really interesting and useful, with lots of future potential. Why should you care if they have a big secret keynote about it or not?

      • Domicinator

        I’m not going to split hairs on exactly who does what on Facebook, and as a daily Facebook user, I do hope that whatever it is they’re doing is cool and makes Facebook even more useful. I’m a huge Facebook fan! I can even say that I agree with the stock going up because of this news (not sure what it’s doing at this moment in time). This would be a great competitor to Google.

        But seriously, a keynote shrouded in secrecy? What Facebook employees think is super awesome usually comes off more as nerdy and boring. No, it doesn’t really affect me personally if they do a keynote or not. I’m just opining that it’s not necessary. Tell me all about it when it goes live and I can use it.

  • mrjoakim

    Nailed it!

  • I was hoping they would announce the Facephone©… :`-(


  • Perfect sentiment!