Billions of dollars at stake if Apple’s stock stays low

Very interesting.

  • Dan

    This should be a massive story internationally, but is getting very little publicity. If the national news media has any investigative power whatsoever it should become one of the most prominent stories of the year. Knowing the national media that’s not likely, but Jim is there anyone out there with the knowledge and expertise to comment on the potential evidence for this. Would love to see it covered somewhere even if its only the loop or DF.


    This has been going for several years since Chicago Option Index set up AAPL weekly stock options. There is website dedicated to it called Maximum Pain. So I just don’t get why it is surprising all of sudden. Granted this year it specially because of dividend on rich Apple employees was going to be increase and fiscal cliff was also scaring people.

  • Dan

    What’s surprising is that it gets no play in the media at all when reasons for Apple’s share price decline is discussed. Certainly it is one contributing factor at least. More importantly one would think it would get a lot more coverage this week as options expire on Jan 19 and if this is indeed a major factor in the stocks decline one would expect a more articles like the WSJ “65 milllion” screens cut in half story on Thurs night/Fri morning.

  • Dan

    Incidentally Joe Springer did a follow up article on Seeking Alpha

  • yep….you can bet that AAPL’s share price will close at 499.97 at OE!

  • I’m not big on stock details, etc but I never understand how AAPL takes hits with a stream of consistent wins and outstanding growth year over year. Tampering could explain it.

    • Rest assured that tampering does indeed explain it.

      • Only Apple’s #’s will clear this up. Ready for the SEC quiet time to be over.

        • Apple’s long-term performance will clear this up, unless short-term gossip is all you care about.

          • How? It has been 10 years of hits? How long is long enough?

            I’m saying their #’s will clear up this short term gossip. As always, rumors run rampant then Apple speaks and people either look foolish or really smart.

          • Not sure what you mean by “long enough.” The inevitability of Apple’s Great Decline? Wake me when that happens.

          • Am I being that unclear or are you expecting a negative position?

            You’re saying apple’s long term success will clear this up. I’m saying they’ve had 10 years of hits so that definitely isn’t the solution.

            My point is simple: rumors run rampant until Apple speaks. Successful products clearly don’t quell the critics as 10 consistent years of hits have done nothing to stop the crazies.

  • Dan

    So I wonder what big story will be focused on tomorrow bringing Apple’s down to a 499.97 close?

  • Hedge funds make billions from manipulating the markets’ short-term perception of companies like Apple. Our regulatory agencies have been rendered toothless and incompetent by decades of deregulation.