The importance of design to Apple

Nick Bilton:

What struck me about our brief conversation wasn’t that Mr. Cook was talking about two teensy buttons — this is Apple, after all — but that he never once mentioned the technology in the iPad Mini. Instead, he talked about one thing: design.

In all of the meetings I’ve had with Apple executives over the years, design is always one of the first things they talk about. There is an overwhelming sense of pride from everyone at Apple about the products they make.

  • “…frankly, I don’t care about the technology inside the technology anymore. It just works — for the most part — and therefore consumers no longer need to think about it.”


    • Mother Hydra

      I hope we can all embrace this thinking, but I fear there are going to be those that cling to their gigahertz and their Android just like people did when then floppy fell out of favor with Apple. I still run across these living fossils in my work and they speak of nonsense such as baud, windows and RAM. I simply don’t care anymore, my phone is my PC now.

      • Such people will probably always look down upon anyone who doesn’t worship at their altar. Many of them already deeply resent the idea that an average consumer might no longer need their advice.

        • Amen.

        • After 6 years of Windows and it’s associated viruses, then 5 years of Linux with it’s updates-break-almost-everything problems, I finally bought my mother a Mac mini.

          “I didn’t know it (basic functions like mailing a pic) could be this easy”.

          As with any specialised subset, hardcore and even amateur PC “specialists” resent their impending obsolescence, and take it out on the users, as the technology marches on heedless of their anguish.

        • Pure denial. They won’t however receive any kind of pity from me.

          I’ve been selling and servicing PCs long enough to know how many of those divas, who will chew your ears off with stories of how impossible customers can be or how they once again saved the day—if you don’t run fast enough—are basically just that; needy, attention-hungry divas.

          Basically the only advice I’m still giving out to people who ask about what PC/Mac they should get, is whether it was release more than 4–6 months ago, or if it’s older. If it’s been released fairly recently and they have the need for a PC, I say go for it.