Four years with an iPhone 3G

I enjoyed reading this.

  • samdchuck

    I have a 3GS and I totally agree with this. Besides some cracks in the plastic back, it’s just as good as when I bought it. I’m sure that if I were to upgrade and after a week check the 3GS again I will find it unbearably slow and unresponsive, but this is always the case when upgrading. Sure the new stuff is better, probably way better than I think it is, but the old stuff works just fine as it is.

  • jeffrey.w.lynch

    Also probably worth mentioning the fact that the 3GS gets to play on iOS 6. My wife has a 3GS and refuses to upgrade b/c she feels it wouldn’t be worth it to her.

  • “Since it’s also not broken, there’s just no way I can justify replacing it. No reasons that outweigh the fact that it’s still a fully functional device that serves my needs remarkably well for something of its age.”

    My feelings exactly. Not often I see someone express an opinion like this, and I wish there were more.

    Also, I still like seeing articles that attest to the durability of Apple gear.

  • eugenekim

    Amazing that his home button last as long as it did. Mine was a bit flakey when I sold it after my 2 year contract.

  • I was going to say goodbye to my 4 when the 5S arrived, but this has me thinking I could tough it out for another year. Like Falck, my home button is becoming unresponsive. I’ve also found my Music app is slower to open now and often loses its place when shuffling, which is annoying.

    But the battery remains insanely good – better than what I hear many 4S and 5 owners are getting. And the camera still takes good enough pictures. Maybe the 5S will compel me to upgrade somehow, but nothing about the 5 made me feel the need to leave my 4 behind.

    I found this bit confusing, though:

    “Video viewing is amazingly pleasant with both YouTube and streaming my movie collection via AirVideo, although I’m sure some people would be “disgusted” by the low resolution screen. For me, it’s perfectly fine and the experience lets me focus on what I’m watching, not arbitrary specifications.”

    Is he saying that having a retina display is distracting because it causes people to focus on its inherent specifications as opposed to what they’re watching? That doesn’t make sense, but it seems like that’s what he’s saying.

    • samdchuck

      I don’t think so, he’s saying that the retina screen is better and that everyone who is used to it thinks the ‘quality’ of the 3G screen is terrible. This is just like SD vs HD content/TV large vs small TV’s etc. Once you’re used to better the older thing looks way worse than it did before. He’s saying that it’s the content that matters to him and that the upgrade to a retina screen isn’t worth it to him now.

      • That makes sense. I guess it was just worded kind of strangely.

        I know I can’t look at a non-retina display iPhone/Pod/Pad now without seeing all the fuzziness. But if I’d never made the leap from my old iPod Touch to the iPhone 4, I’d probably never know any better.

        • Yeah, that wasn’t the best put together sentence I’ve ever crafted, I can agree. I just tried to poke a little fun at all those who describe yesteryear’s tech with phrases like “the screen gave me feelings of disgust”.

          • Thanks for clarifying that, Robert. And thanks for sharing your experience in sticking with your iPhone 3G.

          • My pleasure! Glad you liked it! 🙂

  • I think it’s awesome that you guys keep a 3GS that long, and it’s a great compliment to Apple. And, if you say you aren’t compelled by an upgrade to 5, you’re insane. I had 5 for a month and even going back to 4S felt like going back to cave time. The speed, size difference, screen difference, camera quality, and new features of the 5 are h.u.g.e. It feels like a new class of a device compared to previous iPhones. Just, trust me. If you want to upgrade, do – you won’t regret it.

    • samdchuck

      You’re free to send me some money if you think I’m insane. Can I afford an iPhone 5? (Mind you they sell unlocked/unsubsidised here for 690/790/900 euro, that’s 922/1056/1200 USD, for 16/32/64Gb) Yes I can, I could afford a new iPhone every year, but that’s hardly the point. I can afford a bunch of things that I don’t need. While I want them and could buy them I can’t justify spending the money to myself. My iPhone 3GS works just fine. I know that once I upgrade I will think my 3GS (or my 2008 iMac when I upgrade that one for that matter) will be horribly unresponsive and slow, but for now they don’t. I’m perfectly content with my iPhone 3GS.

  • This seems to me like desperate self-justification of obsolete technology.

    • Not all of us have the disposable income to indulge ourselves in the new gear every year. You say “desperate,” I say “sensible.”

      • For much the same reasoning I put an SSD in my iMac and 16 gigs of RAM. I will not be able to afford to buy a new iMac every two or even three years: the one I own will need to last. Adding a few upgrades makes it a usable machine for the foreseeable future. Much as I’d like a sexy new iMac next year, I’m not going to feel self concious if this 27″ 2010 of mine is still running fine in 2015.

  • Player_16

    Still use my white G3. Has a hairline crack across the ‘Apple’ due to it sat on a toaster while (luckily) it was in its $3 silicon case. Original YouTube and Goggle maps apps. Once a month, may give it a hard restart -when it seems to crash out of heavy web pages too often. Plays the latest revised Angry Birds and some other semi-pop games.