Former Windows boss using an iPhone

If you can’t beat them…

  • Does it have to be so partisan? Can’t people just use different things that they like? I use a Mac and a Windows Phone, it’s not like my friends won’t talk to me now that I like things they don’t. Tech reporters are so entrenched in their little camps.

    Plus, he mentioned that he likes to use other stuff to evaluate it.

  • Hey Jim, I thought you’d see his response where he mentions he uses products of a lot of companies, in sharp contrast with what you seem to be indicating

  • No news here. Many execs use different devices. Apple execs were using Galaxy Tabs (hence the whole “7 inch” discussion w/ Jobs).

    Kudos to him for not treating competitor devices as radioactive and actually using the devices.

  • Tvaddic

    Keep in mind that he was fired, and didn’t leave on his own terms.