Coin guitar picks

Cool, but I don’t think I could use them.

  • Nice if you want to change your strings every 36 hours.

    • TeamOneJ

      Exactly. I used to use stainless steel picks and they just shredded strings. Been using stone ones lately.

  • John David

    Nice to look at, but that’s about it.

  • Bill Lonero

    Silly. They chew up your strings and sound very harsh. More of a gimmick than anything.

  • Brian May used to use old sixpence pieces as his picks, for rigidity, and also they gave a particularly crunchy sound. Tried it for a while, but it’s murder on the strings.

  • Brian May still uses a sixpence. The Royal Mint made some for him. They sold them at concerts on the Queen & Paul Rodgers tour. See pic of one I have at

    Also Australian 5c pieces are more or less the same as old UK sixpence pieces. They can be used as well. Give a good rasp sound. Like Brian May gets on Keep Yourself Alive 🙂