This is how not to do social media

The only explanation is that the people doing the social media hate their own company.

  • Frank “Grayhawk” Huminski

    Amusingly enough, I can’t get to the website, as it keeps returning a 500 error.

    In the vein of “Slashdotted” and “Fireballed”, I think that the term should be “Bearded” (“Looped” is too obvious…)

  • I’m guessing the CEO of Betapunch was a middle child who was beaten. Hence the company name and anger management issues.

  • “BetaPunch ‏@BetaPunch – I am very sorry @DanielleMorrill. I can only learn from our experience and hope to one day make it up to you.”

    LMAO Too little ass kissing done too late.