The gadgets Wirecutter likes

Eight Wirecutter writers and I convened at the Consumer Electronics show this week. You know, CES–The big gadget trade thing that serves as a sneak peek into the future of hardware. Instead of soaking your news feed with hundreds of posts, we spent most of our time filtering 99.99% of the stuff out. This is what’s left.

Thanks Brian and crew for filtering it down for us.

  • marv08

    Hehe, I have to admit, before clicking on that link, I absolutely anticipated to find an empty list…

    But reviewing the list… it IS an empty list, just more wordy. A $100 Otterbox case? Really? And only doubling the weight of the iPhone 5 while making it dead ugly? Screens that failed quality control, TVs (haven’t turned one on in three years) and an external hard disk? Really?

    If that is the outcome of CES (and I absolutely believe it is), then just kill it already.