Schiller pokes holes in ‘cheap iPhone’ rumors

Matthew Panzarino for The Next Web:

Apple SVP of Worldwide marketing Phil Schiller gave an interesting interview to Chinese newspaper Shanghai Evening News yesterday. In the interview, he directly addresses the rumors surrounding a potential cheaper iPhone, saying that this will ‘never be the future of Apple products’.

This doesn’t entirely discount the possibility that Apple is looking to move into emerging markets, but Schiller’s comments reinforce Apple’s image as an innovator rather than a mass-market supplier.

  • As Ben Bajarin said on Twitter: “Cheap is different from lower cost.”

  • JohnDoey

    Anyone who knows any Apple history knows the lower-priced products are separate design projects, not cheapened-down versions of higher-priced products. Look at Intel Mac and then at iPad, which is half price or less. Nobody even notices that iPad sells in the low-end PC market against HP and Dell antiques. People think of it as a “high-end tablet.” The cheaper iPhone will be a high-end feature phone.