Pimp my ride Canada style

There you go.


  • rolphus

    Yo dawg I head you liked dawgs so I put dawgs with your dawgs so you can dawg while you dawg.

    Or something.

  • Nice! Those dogs have been lowered and have the phat tongue extenders for an extra kick on the top end.

  • AzrinShaz

    Now, that’s how we pimp a ride. With subwoofers.

    • How do you simultaneously Vote Down and Vote Up a post? 🙂

      • jer

        Have you ever been on pimp my ride

  • And this is in July in Canada.

  • Queuebec

  • debbiehogg@yahoo.com

    “Hello” Pimp My Ride! Its Debbie here & i’m going to be 55 on Feb 8/13 I’m confined to a 4wheel scooter, Do To Very Bad Artheritis & Ostroid in my Knee & Fribromalgia. Its Candy Apple Red & its a Fortress 1700 DT with resverse & has a real car seat with handles & a basket that just fits my red poodle. Its Wud Be Very Different If You’s Can Pimp My Ride or My Scooter & it wud Help Me & My Dog Cinnimon a better ride, Love Yo Show & watch it all the time. I’m in Canada & hopefully yous are here! If So I wud Apperciate to hear from yous. Until Then I’ll Keep Watch’n The Show & Good Luck To Ya’s..You’s Do MAKE A Difference. Thanks Deb

  • terrye chellew

    how do i find out how to get my car pimped.i am sick of looking at it in the yard.Every month it is always something,so she sits there looking pathetic., My first was one I had and went into big debt for was vandalized while I was sleeping,so that was a done deal.Now I have a second one an 88 toyata corolla she need some love .My e-mail is terryechellew05@hotmail.ca than you for you time

  • jer

    Aussome pimp to that ride