Ottawa Citizen praises Qualcomm keynote

The challenge for Qualcomm was to find a way to showcase their technology and keep the keynote about them and not the products of the companies that use their technology. Not only did they pull it off, they did it in style.

Everyone in the tech industry looked at the Qualcomm keynote and said WTF? Except the Ottawa Citizen. Now you know which Canadian site to never read.

  • Wisely, there’s no comments for the blog…

  • I guess bored hot chicks is a kind of style.

  • I would suggest letting @hendrikpape know he’s gone crazy. Do home a public service.

  • “they did it in style.”

    Well…insanity is a kind of style…

  • Canuck

    Huh? Canadia has sites?

    • pawhite524

      What, you’ve never logged on to Popular Dogsledding?

  • pawhite524

    My Canadian nephew in Orillia, Ontario believes Ottawa is actually in a different solar system based on the things that come out of there (related to politics and understanding the needs of Canadians). He now has more proof of this…