If Apple was more like Samsung

While Apple released one new iPhone last year, Samsung let loose a whopping 37 different phone variations. (For those keeping score, HTC released 18, Nokia introduced nine, and LG launched 24.) Certainly good hardware design played a role in Samsung’s healthy sales. But it also didn’t hurt that the company flooded the market.

Apple puts all of its efforts into making one great product for users. Clearly everyone else is just throwing as much at the market as they can.

  • Miles

    Didn’t Apple technically release 18 variations of the iPhone 5? i.e. 3 different network configurations, then 2 different colors, then 3 different capacities.

    • Missing the point by a mile.

      • Miles

        No – the article just says ‘phone variations’ but then fails to actually qualify what on earth they mean. There are 18 variations of the iPhone. This isn’t a bag against Apple – I was just pointing out what a stupid article it was, just seemed like an aimless bagging of Samsung. And I don’t even like Samsung!

    • Canucker

      By that criteria, Samsung technically released 114.

      • 18 vs 114 is much truer than 1 vs 37.

    • no

    • No.

  • Tvaddic

    i don’t think you could say the rest of the don’t try to make great phones when they don’t make 1 phone. Your phones talk for themselves, and if you make a ton of crap phones, and I popular one no one would care. Examples; Motorola RAZR, Samsung Galaxxy S3/Note.

    • I imagine consumers might care quite a bit if your product line was so undifferentiated that you caused genuine confusion on their part.

  • rj

    “One great product” that most of the world can’t afford.

    • Jim H

      Yet it seems much of the world does have them, Interesting isn’t it? However could this be?

      • rj

        Huh? There are 7 billion people in the world, the majority of which apparently have a mobile phone. Apple’s sold an iPhone to perhaps 2% of them.


        • 2TurnersNotEnough

          So…? Apple’s point is to make the most money not the most phones. They’re very clear what markets they want to address and it isn’t every possible mobile phone user in the world. Just the ones that can pay for a premium product.

          • rj

            It appears Samsung does want to address every possible mobile phone user in the world, so criticizing them for having more models than Apple is kind of silly, don’t you think?

        • J.H. Christ

          But over 3bn live off less than $2.50 a day. And also nearly 2bn live without electricity. http://www.globalissues.org/article/26/poverty-facts-and-stats

          So how come only 1bn don’t have a mobile? Can you see why your ‘facts’ don’t really add up.

          I won’t tell you more because it ensures that you will spend the rest of your life living in the dark, and then that guarantees I will never have the misfortune of meeting you.

          Maybe you want to engage your brain before linking to the DailyMail.

          • rj

            Well, actually it says there are 6 billion subscriptions, so the number of people with phones is somewhat less. That figure was reported by many sources.



            How do they do it? I don’t know. But presumably phones that cost a lot less than $450 are a big part of it.

          • J.H. Christ

            Quote from you: “I don’t know”


            Your agenda is obvious, so go back to your tabloid forums until your mum calls you up for your tea. If your lucky you can eat it and watch Teletubbies at the same time.

          • rj

            The agenda that is obvious is yours, troll.


    • Compared to what?

      • rj

        Compared to the many models of phones (made by Samsung and others) that sell for a fraction of what the iPhone sells for.

        • What’s your point? That smartphones should be cheaper? Like this one? http://www.amazon.com/Samsung-Galaxy-Unlocked-Smart-Marble/dp/B0080DJ6CM

          Funny, I feel the same way about a lot of great cars. And well-made clothes. And food made with real ingredients. And furniture I didn’t assemble myself.

          I get them when I can. Or wait until the more affordable stuff gets improved.

          • rj

            The point seems pretty obvious. Samsung addresses a much larger segment of the phone market than Apple does (and consequently sell far more units), therefore they need to make more different models.

            37 seems excessive, although who knows if some of those are simply regional and/or carrier-specific brand names.

          • I thought your point was that you don’t consider a two-year-old iPhone acceptably affordable.

          • rj

            It has nothing to do with what I consider acceptable. The reality it is that a $450 phone is unaffordable for most of the world. Samsung and others make phones that are.

          • Yeah, it’s too bad that Apple doesn’t make an affordable iPhone.


          • rj

            Are you being deliberately obtuse?

            Whether the consumer pays it up front (as is the practice in many countries), or as part of a contract, the real price of an iPhone 4 is $450.

  • This is why Apple runs its own retail stores. Samsung churns out so many models to occupy shelf space. Having one Apple phone sitting on a shelf together with 37 from Samsung would obviously not be good. Same with the Mac vs. Windows PCs.