Design Jargon Bullshit


[Via Coudal]

  • pawhite524

    Calling this bull shit (and it really, really is) makes me feel sorry for the bull that shat this!

    Even back in the day there is no amount of weed or even LSD that could have made me understand any of this!

  • marv08

    Thanks Jim! This was the right link at the right time… I am having a training session with 30 procurement guys/gals tomorrow (all working for an international airport in Asia, can’t say more) and the topic is generally how to find (and specify requirements for) agencies. I will so make them read out loud and present every single line of garbage listed there… This will be fun!

  • Fairlite

    This is just what I hate about the creative and design industry. It’s account execs and creative directors that seem to have this ability to talk just utter shit. So much so that I find myself embarrassed on their behalf. It’s like watching something cringe worthy on TV and you’re looking through the cracks between your fingers. People actually do talk like this and whats more, they actually seem to believe and understand this bollocks too.