AutoRip for books

Still, AutoRip is painfully close to something I’ve found myself pining for since starting to use a Kindle e-reader: free Kindle copies of purchased physical books.

A lot of people would love that.

  • DanPierce

    I try to buy movies that come with a digital copy. Often it’s a code to redeem for a copy of the movie in the iTunes store.

    Now if they would offer the copy as the HD version…

  • I’d love this! Amazon is about the one who could pull it off too.

    • nizy

      TBQH the book publishers hate Amazon enough that they’d never get the required licensing deals. Or at least it’d be restricted to purchases of physical books from Amazon.

      • Some of them do, yeah, and I can totally see it as an “Amazon purchased” ordeal; which works well for me since I bought physical books almost exclusively from Amazon (now e-books exclusively).

        What I meant those was strictly the business side of things. I doubt any other publisher could pull this off at the scale Amazon could primarily because of their lack of attention to profits. They are customer-centric and not many others can follow.

        • Hi John,

          Amazon does have a patent on a system for distributing e-books based on ownership of the hard-copy, and as you mentioned that’s based primarily on their purchase records. So it’s coming, but we don’t know when. The whole agency-pricing model and some other things are throwing some legal barriers in the way even beyond just normal industry reticence to bundle content.

          I’m working on a startup to try to pull off ownership verification via a mobile application (some OCR and image-analysis involved), but as Nizy said publishing industry momentum is tough to change.

          gratuitous plug: Sign up for our beta!