Stern to offer home-sized pinball machines with full-sized play fields

Philip Michaels for TechHive:

In a world where dozens of games can fit on a device tucked neatly into your pocket, why would you want a pinball machine to call your very own? Because pinball machines are undeniably awesome. And the machines made by Stern Pinball fit very nicely into your home.

One of the first truly awesome, “OMG I WANT THIS” things I’ve seen from CES coverage this year. Seems like the perfect addition to a man-cave, play room or just about anywhere in the house I’d like to hang out for a few hours.

Now, which one of my kids do I sell to organ harvesters to come up with the money? Decisions, decisions…

  • Me want!

  • accidentaldesign

    Pinball is AWESOME. But these Costco Sterns are pretty poor cut-down experiences to be honest. Plus they look ridiculous with their alphanumeric displays and tiny back boxes! The stuff they cut out to make them cheaper do actually matter.

    If you want to buy a pinball you’d get a better game and better value for money out of an 90s-era (pinball boom) Bally/Williams machine for half the price. And it would hold or increase it’s value over time while these cheap Stern models are actually the laughing stock of the pinball community.

  • If the playfield is the proper size, and the feel of the machine is correct, I’d care very little about the size of the display/backglass. Glad to see Stern is trying to adapt the form to keep it alive.

  • “One of the first truly awesome, “OMG I WANT THIS” things I’ve seen from CES coverage this year.”

    Have you not seen the Oculus Rift, or does the impending VR revolution just not interest you?

    • Peter Cohen

      The “impending VR revolution” was prophecies by Jared Lanier back in the 90s. So no, I’m not particularly impressed by the Oculus Rift.

      • Fair enough that you’re not interested, but I don’t see what some guy from the 90s has to do with it. You have some beef with Jared, and thus you don’t want his prophecies to come true? :p

        • Peter Cohen

          Don’t misstate what I said. I have no “beef” with Jared Lanier. My point is that the concept behind the Oculus Rift is old hat and I don’t think it’ll move the needle as much as you seem to.

          • I was just joking, hence the :p

            Don’t really need to get into a discussion about this, as I was completely sincere in my original question of whether it was a lack of knowledge or a lack of interest.

            And I think you mean Jaron. And I think VR is gonna be a big deal in this decade.