Android developers get RIMmed

The matter came to light when one developer said he’d received a request for support from someone who’d purchased the BB version of his app, despite the fact that he’d created no such version.


  • I’m beginning to feel … pity.

  • Andy

    Oh Jim, I fail to see what RIM is doing wrong here. You’re good to call bs when you see it. Hate to break it to you. You throwing RIM in here is wrong. AppStore has copy cats and issues like this also.

    For the record, I’m not some rim fan here. Could care less if they continue to fall flat on their face.

    • The difference here is that these aren’t just copycats. Seedy developers are taking actual copies of the original app, stripping the protection on them, and then converting them via RIM’s online tool into a version that is compatible with BB devices. It’s one thing if someone rips off your idea, but it’s far worse if they’re able to pass off your original work as their own.

    • Mother Hydra

      the main problem, as the article states, is the fact that RIM is complicit in this by way of inactivity. They don’t do any checks to make sure the app is not a blatant or pirated affair. The article made it clear, and yeah, Jim was right to opine “Oh RIM” since they have dog shit on their shoes, yet again. They need to stop stepping in bad PR. A salient point raised by the comments (haha I know right?!) basically says that even having the emulator is an admission that RIMs platform is the inferior one. I also agree with that takeaway.

      Why you chose to focus on the copycat aspect instead of the broader IP issues confuses me

  • That’s what happens when you guarantee 10 grand for apps. Cheats will find a way.