The trouble with CES press conference day

Rob Pegoraro:

You then watch a parade of executives bantering on about the company’s hopes and dreams and showing off their upcoming wares, which is good and useful–but from the cheap seats, you see no more detail than you’d get from watching video offsite. And except for Sony’s presser, which takes place in its exhibit area at the Las Vegas Convention Center, you rarely get any hands-on time with the new hardware either.

Rob does a good job of summing up the problem with press conference day. I always found CES so big that it was almost impossible to cover. In fact, it’s big enough that even press conferences don’t help reporters like they do at other events.

  • The real “trouble with CES press conference day” is whiners like Pegoraro not having the stones to not play the game.

    Here’s the solution to the problem of the press conferences as Pegoraro described it – DON’T GO.

    I covered many CES’ and never went to a single press conference cattle round up. I found much better uses for my time.

    • If you read the linked post, you’ll see that not going is exactly what I’m thinking of doing for next year.

      • Sadly for you, your pat answer doesn’t work here. I did read the post. My point still stands. This issue didn’t just come up with this CES. Whiners have always complained about CES. Few have the stones to simply NOT GO.

        You’re old enough to remember the movie War Games. Remember the solution? “Don’t Play….”

        • My bad: I thought you were talking about opting out of CES press day, not ditching the show entirely. That seems a bit much; CES does not start and end with overblown press conferences and the electronics industry does not start and end with companies that can get reporters to fly across the country to their own distinct launch events.

          • Sigh…talk about “If you read the post”….I was very specific in what I wrote, Rob. I said, and let me quote it to you directly, “I covered many CES’ and never went to a single press conference cattle round up.”

            That’s what I’m referring to. If the press conferences are such a waste of time (and they are and have been for years and it comes as no surprise to anyone who has been to more than two of them) DON’T GO TO THEM. You can cover CES just as well without them.