Qualcomm’s nightmare keynote

I’ve never seen anything like this before. Never.

  • Makes you kinda wish you’d been there, doesn’t it?

  • lucascott

    The whole Gen M(obile) isn’t really off but I snorted my soda when I got to about the fifth photo and started thinking ‘all it needs is a bit of Ballmer’ and then guess who was the next photo.

  • Boo

    Holy crap, Ballmer looks like Elmer Fudd come to life.

    I think they definitely win the award for best recreation of an acid trip with a keynote.

  • marv08

    Well. the word “Qual” in German means pain, torture, distress or agony.

    So, at least I can’t claim any misguidance.

  • Poor Alice Eve should have known something was wrong when they dressed her up as a redshirt

  • Jim, Samsung in 2011. Enough said. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MCRya91CJS0#t=229s

  • I’m sort of looking forward to seeing the full video. It’ll hurt, though.

  • I’m allergic to cringe, you put me at serious risk just by linking this.

  • I couldn’t even watch the highlight cut all the way through. I think if I’d been there and forced to watch the whole thing live, I would have gnawed my own leg off just to give me an excuse to get out…

  • Scruff0

    It was kind of awesome, in a ‘set fire to my chest hair and inject vodka into my eyeball’ kind of way.

  • Player_16

    To see the whole thing, just type in ‘Qualcomm’ and at the bottom of the page is CES. (I lasted about 4 minutes then I cracked)