Netflix Super HD

Netflix Super HD requires an internet connection with at least 5Mb/s download. Not all devices can play Super HD. Super HD is only available via Internet Providers that are part of the Open Connect network.

  • KvH

    Grrr, and i don’t get my Google Fiber until October. Hopefully Google is on the Open Connect. If they think Netflix is a youtube competitor they may not be.

    • Tvaddic

      Yes Google Fiber is in the Open Connect.

  • I wonder what the specs are for this.

    • 1) Have a Netflix account.

      2) Have a 5Mbps connection (i.e. a pretty standard, lower-end broadband connection in the U.S.).

      3) Have a device that can run Netflix and output 1080p video.

      4) Have an ISP in the Open Connect network (follow the link Jim provided and the page that loads will tell you if you are or aren’t; I apparently am, and I’m with a mid-sized regional ISP).

      So, more or less, nothing fancy at all. I’m guessing most of their customers will have access to it, assuming that Open Connect thing doesn’t end up being a barrier.

      • Looks like Comcast isn’t, and they’re the biggest.

        • Yeah, Netflix and Comcast have had a bit of an ongoing feud for awhile. Their not having it comes as no surprise. Had I remembered, I would have mentioned that in my earlier comment.

    • The marketing is really vague, but I’m guessing that “Super HD” is just higher bit-rate 1080p. Having the feature only available to ISPs that are in the Open Connect network seems more like a corporate political tactic.

      • gjgustav

        Probably a little of that and to make sure that a customer can sustain the data rate required to stream the movies.

  • Counts me out.