Hulu’s Original and Exclusive Series

In less than two years, Hulu has distributed 25 Hulu Original and Exclusive Series, offering viewers distinctive premium programming that can’t be seen anywhere else from top creative talent and 2013 is gearing up to be another great year for exclusive and original programming on Hulu. It’s a thrill to share what we have planned, including a new slate of Original and Exclusive Series that’s chock full of superheroes-in-training, rogue French cops, high-energy mascots and more. All shows will be available on free and the Hulu Plus subscription service.

This is the type of content I like to see services like Hulu work on. Exclusive, original, well done content. That’s worth paying for.

  • I do pay for it. Every time they force an ad down my throat. Hulu won’t get a cent from me as long as they continue to double dip with ads. Crunchyroll, Netflix and Amazon for the win.

  • I’m pretty meh about these shows, simply because they’ve failed to enter my awareness, let alone capture my attention. They may have had 25 exclusive/original shows, but I can only think of one (a celebrity gossip/news show that was advertised so aggressively and so annoyingly that it came up several times in separate conversations with real life friends who apparently shared a similar hate for the ads), despite being a regular (free) Hulu user since the beta period.

    That one celebrity gossip show looked so vapid, cheaply produced, and worthless that it turned me off to seeking out anything else they may have created. I didn’t even know they had done anything else, to be honest, but that strikes me as a bit of an indication that they’re still targeting demographics other than the ones I fit into. Surely if they were making something that would actually appeal to me based on the interests I’ve told them I have and my past viewing history they’d have used their targeted advertising to show it to me already, right?

    Meanwhile, Netflix is about to debut their first original TV series, House of Cards (starring Kevin Spacey), which I’ve been eagerly anticipating for months, and the only advertising I’ve seen for it has been in the last week when they added a still-image ad at the top of some pages.

  • I’ll bet this is also the type of content Apple would like to see more of.

    Small steps.