Bobby Orr memoirs coming in October

Orr, who has always been reluctant to talk about his many triumphs and has never spoken publicly about his personal relationships, even when they made their way into the headlines, promises to set the record straight on his remarkable life story. While the memoir will include chapters reflecting on the incomparable career of a beloved sports statesman it will also feature the candid thoughts of a man who once lost nearly everything to the treachery of his best friend, then reinvented himself and found renewed success.

I can’t wait to read this.

  • John David

    Even with all of the great teams & players in Habs history I was privileged to grow up with in Montreal as a kid in the 60’s & as a teen in the 70’s, the greatest player I ever saw was Bobby Orr.

    Even more than Gretzky, Orr changed the game in so many ways that were revolutionary at the time and at such a young age. He was a marvel to watch. I was heartbroken when he had to retire.

    Although I lost interest in the NHL over 20 years ago, I still love the history and the players from that time. I’m looking forward to reading this too!