Your father’s music

She clicks the radio on. “Another Saturday Night” by Sam Cooke floats through the speakers. “Ugh,” she says. “Your father’s music.” She shifts it into drive and hits the gas.

My father listened to the “oldies” station with a smile on his face. “Someday,” he’d tell us, “I’ll take the car to the car wash, drive through the spray and the brushes and when I come out on the other side … it’ll be 1963.”

A great short piece from Dave Caolo that will ring true for anyone with kids of their own.

  • letitgo

    If you’re still listening to the music you listened to in high school, you’re already dead.

    • Sorry, sir, that was really good music. Ah, the Monkees.

    • MacsenMcBain

      only listening to, perhaps.

  • gjgustav

    But no, my generation’s music really was the best. What the kids listen to today is just noise, I tell ya, just noise! Now get off my lawn!

    Seriously though, the emergence of auto-tune has gotta throw some weight into the “older music is better” argument.

  • I’ll stay with “Put Your Head on my Shoulder”. ☺