Sexism in vintage ads

The Chef does everything but cook — that’s what wives are for!

My wife would kick my ass.

[Via Jim Coudal]

  • lucascott

    Different time. Different views. Heck there was a time when a woman had to go hide in the woods for 3-4 days cause she was having her period and was forbidden to be around anyone.

    And it’s not just advertising where we see this kind of difference. Look at movies and TV shows. Not many folks, especially the ones of my generation, know that Lucy was totally knocked up when I Love Lucy started but it was against social mores if not the law to show a pregnant woman on TV. Which is why they shot her from the neck up, behind couches etc. then when the rules changed they faked a pregnancy for her character for the jokes. Or that you couldn’t show a married couple even just sitting in the same bed etc. And look at things like the remake of the Stepford Wives. The main reason it failed is because of the vastly different social climate. The original was a response to the reactions of the male population to the whole Women’s lib movement. But that was long over when the remake was made and there was nothing to replace it. Same as the Cold War being long over and the remake of Red Dawn just came off stupid.

  • Actually, Lucy was pregnant in reality with her second child. Or I at least remember reading in her biography a few years ago. Said child also aged magically from infant to kid between seasons. Off the subject but I was very impressed by what Lucy built and the technical innovations she and Ricky introduced to television that is used tot his day, such as a 3 camera setup.

  • Considering what Anita Sarkeesian went through last year, it sometimes appears we haven’t gotten very far past these attitudes.