Samsung 85-inch TV is ugly as shit

I love large TVs and was excited when I heard about this big-ass TV, but damn is it ugly.

  • It’s a sideways door.

    It needs the Flex Seal treatment.

  • I just read on Twitter that the frame isn’t even detachable.

    How the hell do you mount this onto a wall? Where do your various peripherals go? Under the frame? Dammit, Samsung.

  • I don’t think it’s that bad. But if this stand is not optional and the TV comes this way no matter what then it’s a fail. If this is Samsung’s so-called “New Shape” then that too is a fail as the TV itself is shaped just like any other.

  • It looks like a sideways door.

    It needs the Flex Seal treatment.

  • Steven Fisher

    Quad core? How much power does it draw?


      Samsung A15 draws 4W and max 8W with GPU.

      • Steven Fisher

        Interesting. Seems a heavy additional requirement over the TV, but not unreasonable. Thanks.

  • awful

  • This is what happens when Samsung doesn’t copy from Apple and others.

    • Here is what happens when Samsung copies from Microsoft and their kickstand.

  • Does it come with a piece of chalk?

  • M

    They got their inspiration from a bowl of water guys. It’s so sexy.

  • They call it “minimalist,” which I guess is true if you’re an MBA standing in front of a whiteboard, presenting your pitch for a product design to a room full of C-level sinecures.

  • Kriztyan

    I thought, how can a TV be ugly? Dam, this thing is bad, really bad.

  • DT

    Turn flat, display picture of table cloth … tada, instant seating expansion for Thanksgiving.

  • I’m left with absolutely nothing to say, except: What the fuck???

    I can’t imagine even the wealthiest of people placing this ugly thing in their MTV Cribs-worthy media room.

  • I don’t get it…

  • GTWilson

    I admire the effort that went into making a simple rectangular device look so appalling.