Life size replica of HAL 9000

You know you want it.

  • CJ

    oh yes I do….but wow…the price…insane. Very cool though

  • Jörg

    Nice idea. I love the movie, but for this price, I want the whole HAL-computer (with all those glass-looking slot-cicuits gliding out the wall in his brain-room) .. not only a front-end terminal on the livingroom wall at the door. But wait.. I´ve already got siri. So, .. why HAL?

    Well, maybe they can get in contact;.. put up a conversation like:

    HAL(to me):”I´m sorry Jörg. you know, that I cannot open that door.” Siri (out my pocket);” shut up you brainfucked stupid 3-transistor kinda fuckin´, plastic android. He´s my guy now, and I know that you know, that you´ve no fuckin´ way to lock that damn´ door. We´re going out to the clubs now, dancin´and havin´fun, and you´re dammed to hang around at this fucking wall through all this boaring night – so, you don´t have to put on the red light! Let´s go, Jörg!”

  • Yeah, I kind of do.