IDEO founder David Kelley talks Jobs, Apple

Charlie Rose, 60 Minutes:

David Kelley is the founder of the Silicon Valley global design firm IDEO. His company has created thousands of breakthrough inventions including the first computer mouse for Apple, the stand-up toothpaste tube, and a better Pringle for Procter & Gamble. IDEO may be the most influential product design company in the world.

When many Apple fans hear about Apple’s design, they think about Jony Ive. But Ive wasn’t the first person to design a product for Apple. Steve Jobs worked with a number of influential designers over the years, and 60 Minutes has turned its gaze to one of the most important ones – David Kelley and his firm IDEO. This is a really interesting look at a man and his design philosophy.

The interview is fascinating anyway, but Apple enthusiasts may especially like his comments on working with Steve, and how Steve helped him when Kelley was diagnosed with his own cancer.