Adobe offers free copy of CS2

You can login with your Adobe ID and download a free copy of the apps. Not bad for those still running older computers.

Disregard this – the situation has been clarified in a separate post.

  • K. Langoso

    Old indeed…

    I can see many reasons for why they’re doing this, but would love to see your take on it.

  • Getting an error message from Adobe: “Site Area Temporarily Unavailable.”

  • Looks like they’ve been Looped.

    This might be helpful for some folks with limited means, especially if Photoshop and Illustrator are included. On the other hand, pity the poor print vendors who still have to troubleshoot customer files made with CS2.

  • EzraWard

    I’m going to download the Windows version and install on Windows 8 when I get my Surface. Was disappointed that I can’t install on Mountain Lion. Good thing that Windows hasn’t changed CPU architectures lately like OS X or I probably wouldn’t be able to install it there either. Oh well, such is the price of progress.

  • Omzz

    What is the program for, wwhat does it do?

  • It’s a great way for them to convert their old PageMaker customers to InDesign — yes, people still use PageMaker.

  • Gary

    If someone could post the link to the download It would be appreciated.

  • “On behalf of Adobe Systems Incorporated…Adobe is absolutely not providing free copies of CS2!” Oops…

  • Gary

    On the Adobe site there’s a message that CS2 in NOT free. Someon e has posted wrong information.