The Royal Canadian Mint’s million dollar coin

With all the silly talk in the US of a “Trillion Dollar Coin”, you might not know that the Canadian Mint actually produced the world’s first million dollar coin in 2007.

It is 99.999% pure gold bullion, weighs 220lbs and, even though the face value is one million dollars, it’s actually worth over $5.3 million dollars now.

The coin have been certified by the Guinness World Records to be “the world’s largest gold coin” and the Canadian Mint has sold five of them.

  • This is why Americans never want to replace paper money with dollar coins. 220lbs is just too much weight for my wallet.

  • Why is the talk of minting a $1T silly, but the talk of Congress dining and dashing on spending it’s already authorized is not?

    • Because a Trillion Dollar Coin would be HUGE….duh…


    • Do you have any idea how much it would cost to make a trillion dollar coin?!? It would be EXPENSIVE!

  • I am pretty sure (without doing ANY research, other than looking at the fucking photo) that this coin weighs 100 kg and not 220 “pounds”. I am pretty sure (without doing ANY research) that the Canucks use the “metric system” (ISO to the rest of you).

    • “this coin weighs 100 kg and not 220 “pounds”.”

      Well, you’d be wrong about that, wouldn’t you?

      And yes, I’m pretty sure I know what system “the Canucks” use. 🙂

      I was converting to US measurements for those readers who didn’t bother to click through to the story and for those unfamiliar with kilograms.

    • no

      canadians often use pounds to measure the weight things (ie people)

  • “Call it in the air!”

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