Toyota, Audi prep self-driving cars

Wall Street Journal:

Toyota Motor Corp. and Audi AG are throwing their hats into the ring of potential suppliers of self-driving vehicles.

Both auto makers confirmed on Thursday that they will be demonstrating autonomous-driving features at the Consumer Electronics Show in the coming week, signaling a new effort to raise the technology’s profile among consumers.

But what happens when the vehicles develop a craving for human blood?

  • Alex

    ROFL, Jim.

  • Canucker

    Could argue that with the purported self-acceleration issues of Audis and Toyotas (admittedly, shown largely to be due to inept drivers), that these companies have been working on self-crashing cars for some time and, now that’s “perfected”, are working on steering too.

  • Player_16

    Ooh God…(smh)

  • I’d forgotten about the Jokermobile. Or was that Green Goblin?