Best Buy complains about Wal-Mart iPhone 5 ads

Best Buy said some of Wal-Mart’s promotions, including a deal on the iPhone 5, had a measurable effect on its profits due to a price-match guarantee that requires the retailer to match the price of competitor’s ads. Best Buy said it lost about $65,000 in profit the day Wal-Mart’s promotion first ran on Facebook, because it was compelled to match Wal-Mart’s advertised $150 price, even though it concluded that Wal-Mart didn’t actually have a sufficient number of iPhones available.

Here is a cached version of the article.

  • ellizardo

    Here in the UK most retailers with price-match guarantees state that they’ll only match if the competitor has the items in stock.

    Doesn’t that happen in the US? Seems stupid not to.

  • Box of Cotton Swabs

    I love the plural form “attorneys general.”

  • Best Buy needs to put their big boy pants on and stop whining about how badly they’re managed.

  • Sounds kinda Amazonish

  • JDSoCal

    Ha, those hypocrite bitches. I’ve repeatedly faced that limited stock game at Best Buy. There’s no crying in retail.