H.E.A.R. at NAMM 2013

H.E.A.R. (Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising awareness of the dangers of noise exposure that can lead to permanent hearing loss and tinnitus. Damage to hearing is typically cumulative and irreversible, not immediately detectable, and it can occur from almost any contemporary music source or event.

I have a lot of respect for the work Kathy Peck does to raise awareness for musicians and music lovers everywhere.

  • John David

    Me too Jim. I have lived with Tinnitus for over 20 years and it’s something that not only musicians need to be aware of, but todays earphone & headphone wearing public too who blast music at dangerous levels.

    This is will become an even greater issue as these people age, so getting the word out about this is crucial & I thank Kathy for doing this too!

  • I wish she had gotten to me back in 1977 when I was 14 practicing in my parents’ garage with one of the loudest junior high school drummers in history. All my hearing damage happened before I was 20. Luckily my tinnitus isn’t debilitating, but I have no high frequency hearing. But that doesn’t matter since I play bass!

  • This is a great initiative.

    When my little sister started going to rock concerts I bought her a pair of these Etymotic High Fidelity earplugs.

    Ever since I got into in ear monitors for listening to music, I’ve been using the ER20 for hearing protection during concerts of loud parties.

  • Kathy Peck, H.E.A.R.

    Hi Jim, Thanks for the plug! Hope to see you at NAMM – HEAR booth 2005 lobby. Cheers Kathy P.