Google+ relevance

Marco Arment:

But Google’s increasingly desperate push to cram Google+ down everyone’s throats hasn’t made Google+ any more relevant. It has only resulted in a lot of confused Google-account owners who inadvertently “upgraded” to Google+…


  • adrianoconnor

    It’s always sad to see those little icons…

    653 Likes! … 1022 Retweets! … 1 +1

  • Tvaddic

    Google has Plus, the same reason Microsoft has Bing. For every second spent on Google Plus, they aren’t on Facebook. Blocking Facebook from revenue. When you have money and time to lose, it is better to cripple a competitor’s service, even if you aren’t earning Facebook sized engagement.

  • I don’t think that Google care about relevance. To them, it’s just a number games in order to sell to the advertisers.

  • DaveChapin77
  • Does anybody remember the phrase “rolling thunder” from this article:

    G+ has actually become pretty fantastic since its launch, with an active user base (not anywhere near facebook or twitter, but still.

    That being said, I still prefer twitter to any of the other networks. For now.

  • Carsten

    I like google plus, even when it is not so popular. Like the hangouts.

  • It is a choice. They don’t auto-sign you up. Don’t want it? Say no.