Deleting Google+ from your account

Rob Griffiths dug around and found out how to remove Google+ plus from your account.

  • adrianoconnor

    When Google+ was first announced, doing this (deleting Google Plus from your account) came with a warning that it might affect your ability to continue using other Google services (presumably like GMail. Google Drive etc). Don’t know if it is still the case, or if it was even true, but it might be worth reading the small print if you do try and get out of Google Plus and you rely on other Google services…

  • Maik

    Google+ plus? That’s a new thing?

    • Yes, it’s one plus better than Google+. It’s doubleplusgood!

  • Canucker

    Who cares? Dormant Google+ accounts simply give Google bragging rights but are meaningless, empty cells in a massive spreadsheet. I am sure Facebook is really worried about these zombie accounts (not that Facebook is without its own inflated user numbers).

  • Hey, I just did this myself. They asked for my reason and i told them “I don’t trust Google.”

  • And in one of life’s little ironies, his lnked article cannot be read unless you are logged into Google+…

  • This link doesn’t make any sense.

  • I deleted Google+ after it was added without my consent by a dialog asking if I’d like my real name shown on YouTube. All of my YouTube videos (primarily of the first year of my daughter’s life) disappeared until I added + back. I’ll never forgive Google.

  • I don’t really care, sometimes I look at my G+ stream and wonder why it’s there 😉

  • DaveChapin77

    Clicking the link to learn about Google privacy results in a 404. How fitting.

  • Domicinator

    I sent this link to someone at work today and it spread all over the building like wildfire. Apparently people don’t like the fact that you’re still being forced to use Google+ even when you never use it.

    Google just gets more and more invasive. I can’t believe people don’t have more awareness about this. It’s going to become a problem sometime soon, I think.

  • Done!

  • I’m seriously thinking about dumping Google+. I rarely ever visit. When I had to reinstall apps on my iPad, it was one of the last apps I downloaded.

    Maybe it’s time we vote with our account removals? Maybe. But in the meantime, I’ve really tightly restricted my personal and account information. Only one or two are still visible to the public. And they might just get tightened up too.