The design lesson

In graphic design, nothing is what it actually is. Everything other than content is representative of something else. Additionally, much of the content is also merely representative of something other than what it actually is.

  • Daniel Swanson

    Good lesson, if you get that the purpose of design is communication, and that any included design elements need to work together to forward the message of the piece.

  • SamuraiArtGuy

    As a fellow working designer, must send the props and big kudos to Andy for so concisely articulating many concepts that I had kicking about my head for many years, but not nearly so precisely expressed. And somehow much of my time is spent getting across to clients that decoration and complexity for the sake of decoration and complexity seldom serves their ultimate purpose to communicate their message. That and getting across the difference between RGB and CMYK…

    Glad I checked it out, well done and well said. And even at 54 and over 30 years in the business it’s gratifying that I can still learn stuff from colleagues. Good spot, Jim!