Pay it forward at Tim Hortons

At about 10 a.m. on Dec. 21, a Tim Hortons customer at the Beaverhill Boulevard location decided to pay for the order of the next vehicle in the drive-through line.

That began a chain of random acts of kindness that lasted for three hours — and 228 orders.

Canadians love their Tim Hortons coffee… and being nice to others.

  • imthedude

    They make great donuts. So much better than Dunkin.

    • Steven Fisher

      The donuts were a lot better a few years ago, before they switched to baking them offsite. But they’re still the best that are available without a long drive.

  • ionw

    My 12 year old daughter had a assignment to do a random act of kindness and write a 5-paragraph essay about her act. She decided to give the cashier at our local Chipotle $20 with instructions to use it against the next family’s meal. Long story short, on a smaller scale the same thing happened. She had 3 families who continued the $20 to the next family, and the 4th pledged to continue paying it forward when they went to dinner.

    It was a very rewarding experience for my daughter and it really reminded us of how nice our town is.

    Thanks for sharing this.

  • Turns out the Canadian nuclear deterrent is saying don’t be dick

  • and playing hockey while putting maple syrup on their ham.

  • Steven Fisher

    I’ve been told that Tim Horton’s will also (occasionally) cover someone’s food in an effort to trigger a chain reaction like this.

  • pawhite524

    What a great story and so easy to believe. Every time I visit my family in Orillia, Ontario before we get to their home there is a stop at Tim’s.

    My sense of humor tends towards creating absurd situations for a good laugh for all, not at someone’s expense. When at Tim’s recently I asked about the donut selection and the nice young lady replied, “We have every kind of donut,” so I proceeded to order a Tuna donut, “because I haven’t had any protein today.” When she replied, “I don’t think we have Tuna donuts,” I responded, “You said you had every kind of donut.” She excused herself for a moment and returned with this, “The manager said we cannot make just one Tuna donut but he said we could take a plain donut, slice it, put Tuna on it, and make you a Tuna donut sandwich.”

    True story. And that is another reason to love Timmy’s and Canadians…