Goodbye Facebook

Joe Caiati outlines his reasons for pulling the plug on Facebook, including the ability to use Twitter to keep up-to-date. If I had to choose between Twitter and Facebook, I’d probably make the same choice, but there are plenty of people who still get a lot out of Facebook. I think it’s the people that use it as a small personal network of friends instead of trying to build a massive network of people they don’t know.

  • I’ve made new friends (and actually met a few in person) through Twitter. I can’t imagine having done so as easily through Facebook.

    • I, too, have made friends on Twitter and some of them I’ve met in real life. Yet it still seems strange to say that and trying to explain the fact that you consider someone a friend, whom you’ve never met face-to-face to someone who isn’t as involved in online communities is difficult at best.

      Facebook is a different monster. I mostly use it to connect to and keep in contact with real life acquaintances (and friends, too). I can’t imagine using it the way I use Twitter.

  • Pifman

    Facebook = People you once knew

    Twitter = People you wish you knew

  • My rule of thumb: don’t have coworkers or people I don’t know on Facebook.

    On Twitter, most of the people I follow are people I admire at a professional level and/or with similar interests of mine, I personally know very few of them, but I enjoy what all of them have to say… Most of the time. On Facebook? Not so much.

    The following statement proves to be right time and time again:

    Twitter makes you love people you’ve never met and Facebook makes you hate people you actually know.

  • I enjoy using both for different reasons, but I’ve noticed that Facebook is turning into a new form of RSS reader for me.

  • chjode

    You hit the nail on the head, Jim. I use Facebook because that’s where my friends are– and by “friends” I mean specifically the ~30 people I really, truly consider friends, not the 700 people I’ve never met but who once said something funny somewhere so now we’re “friends.”

    I like to think of it as the “drive me to the airport test.” On Facebook, I friend only those people who I would feel comfortable asking for a ride to the airport, or those whom I would be happy to pickup at the airport.

  • Jay Martin

    Exactly the opposite for me: left twitter about 6 months ago and have never missed it. Of course, I don’t have a huge number of friends on Facebook so it’s easy to keep up.

    I think for me the problem is trying to cram in something meaningful in such short messages. And doing multiple tweets to finish a single thought leads to utter crap.

    And it always seemed like there was a lot more crap on twitter – harder to filter out what I consider important. Guess it’s just me.

    • There is only one thing worse that having to be concise, and that is not being concise.

      • Some people have a way with words and other people… not have way, I guess.