In memoriam: the beloved products we lost in 2012

Ars Technica:

Let us take a moment to remember a few of the companies, brands, and products that went to the great electronic recycling center in the sky in 2012. Some you may still have traces of in your sock drawer; others may be slowly decaying in a stack somewhere in your IT department. Some of them will be sorely missed by their loyal customers. Others…again, not so much.

I don’t know if I would describe many of these as “beloved” – after all, if they were, they might still be around. But I am saddened by the demise of Buckyballs. I even ordered a set but sadly it was never completed before the company shut down.

  • JohnDoey

    I don’t miss any of these.

    But it is not accurate to say Zune is dead. The interface from Zune HD is now on Microsoft phones and PC’s — it is Zune Everywhere. And just as popular.

    2013–2015 is going to make this list look very small. We are going to say goodbye to most of these brands: RIM, Nokia, Sony, LG, HP, Dell, Best Buy.

    Sony and Nokia haven’t made a profit since the iPhone shipped. Think about that. HP and Dell sell cheap Mac clones, but don’t have the technology to sell cheap iPad clones. Nokia answered the iPhone 4 years late with a Zune Phone that is bigger than 2 iPhones put together and has almost no apps. Even once it started getting a few apps built for Windows Phone 7, they changed to Windows Phone 8 which runs different apps! And again, has almost no apps.

  • “Beloved” is indeed a bit of a stretch. “Potentially interesting” fits most of those on the list better.

  • “Beloved?” In order to be beloved, people would have had to actually have knowledge of the product. With the exception of Zune and iDisk, I doubt anyone outside the tech community ever heard of any of those. And even the Zune and iDisk is pushing it a bit.