13 technologies you won’t see in 2013


It seems like only yesterday we were planning for the Mayan apocalypse, but like so many other products, the 14th b’ak’tun (next era) has been delayed due to bugs and lack of pre-orders.

No doubt, in 2013, several long-rumored products will come to market. However, next year won’t be the year for these 13 gadgets and technologies.

Some of these are obviously not going to happen in that time frame – no chance for adoption of self-driving cars in less than a year for example – and some can be argued vehemently (can you say “Apple TV”?). What do you think – is Gizmodo wrong on any of their predictions?

  • dodo

    sorry can’t click any Gizmodo article as matter of principle.

    Please summarize better.

    • LOL No. 🙂 I hate when sites “summarize” so much they negate the necessity of going to the referenced web site. I have no problem with you not clicking on the link but I’m not going to summarize in such a way as to negate you needing to go to the URL.

  • I think they were quite obvious on several. The only one I think they could be wrong on is the Amazon phone. It is possible they could pull a Nexus 4 type deal and ignore the carriers.

    • JohnDoey

      Nobody but Apple has the clout in phones to ignore the carriers.

      Google’s Nexus phones sell less in a year than 1 weekend of iPhone sales.

      The way you get clout with carriers is people walking into carrier stores saying “I want phone X and no other phone,” or switching carriers just to get that phone. Android phones are cheap, generic, broadly available, and have almost zero consumer demand. The people who buy them did not ask for Android or Google, they just bought a free phone and that is all.

      • Nexus sales don’t negate the 4 having ignored carriers. They did.

  • lucascott

    I think they are mostly wrong but generally in terms of definitions. Project Glass may not happen at least mainstream and probably not til the end of the year, but other wearable accessories could pop up sooner. apple may make a big TV play this year, perhaps appearing in the late summer as new seasons start and new devices release but it might not be a full TV set. And so on

  • JohnDoey

    One thing you can be sure of no matter what the year or technology: Gizmodo is always wrong.

  • Dylan Seeger

    I hate Gizmodo, but gave it a shot when you linked it…

    “before Microsoft starts selilng its next OS”


  • KvH

    Funny how for several of the items they predict won’t happen mainly because Apple doesn’t support them yet. For not owning the market share apple sure seems to be a technology driver.

    Also some of their predictions are a bit broad but tied to lack of uptake of a specific technology. They predict mobile sales won’t take off because iPhone has no NFC and retailers don’t want to add it.

    This ignores both Apple’s barcode solution, already supported by many retailer’s scanners and Square’s Wallet, supported by Starbucks (also supporting Apple’s passbook) and in Kansas City at least many food trucks and small retailers.

    I like the square wallet, haven’t had a chance to use passbook.