New York City Mayor blames iPhone for increased crime

“If you just took away the jump in Apple, we’d be down for the year,” said Marc La Vorgna, the mayor’s press secretary.

On the radio, Mr. Bloomberg said that Apple products appeared to be the preference for many thieves, noting that he was not including thefts of competing devices, like the Samsung Galaxy, in his count.

Just when you think politicians can’t possibly be any more stupid, along comes Mayor Bloomberg and his press secretary.

  • Peter Cohen

    It’d help if people just left their fucking phones in their pockets.

  • Crimegate! hahaha

    • Peter Cohen

      It’s an iPhone Crime Cliff.

  • Boo

    Apple stuff has a high demand and resale value and most of it is small. Small wonder it is a highly targeted item for theft.

    Blaming the stuff that is getting stolen for an increase in crime is like blaming fires on buildings.

  • They don’t blame iPhones, they blame thieves. Backed with the statistics, that’s not a stupid claim at all.

    • lucascott

      Actually it is a bit. Because he admits they didn’t bother counting other cell phone reports etc. could be just as many galaxy phones, etc are being stolen making the issue more cell phone or smart phone not just iPhones as it is implied

      • That isn’t what I was arguing. Regardless, the implication from the overall numbers being “skewed by the Apple figure” is that they are disproportionally larger than the others.

  • deviladv

    Hang on Jim, i think you are being unfair to Bloomberg. Blame the NY times for an inflammatory headline.

    In the beginning the article says “Major crime in New York City inched up this year, and Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg on Friday fingered the culprit: too many iPhones and iPads were being swiped.”

    Also there is no quote in the article that states the Mayor is “blaming” the iPhone. They are blaming the wide appeal of the iPhone and iPad. That’s a drastically different statement. The quote to site clearly also states that.

    The iPhone is popular. It has a high resale value. It’s incredibly easy to snatch out of someone’s hand. It’s hard to recover (despite Find my iPhone). It potentially has tons of personal information that could be resold or used. If I were a professional street thief and I saw an iPhone in someone’s hand, that would be my number one target, and I’d have learned to turn it off and how to either wipe it and/or disable it when I got back to my “base.”

    That’s all this article is saying. So yes, like Peter said, keep your phone in your pocket.

  • thaopd

    I think you read more into the article than what the mayor meant. They were talking about crime statistics. The good news is that homicides are down but due to robberies the overall crime is up. Most of the thefts were related to Apple products.

  • Mother Hydra

    The “read between the lines” message here is becoming something of a habit for Bloomberg. Instead of blaming stupid people he shifts the blame to: manufacturers of cigarettes, soda pop and gadgets. That is REALLY the message he reiterates, overtly stated or otherwise. In an age where personal responsibility is the name of the last unicorn… This was still an unnecessary and stupid thing to say. Why single out one manufacturer’s gadget? so much wtf.

    • lucascott

      My fav is that he is apparently so outraged by companies using a new birth as an advertising opportunity to give away swag that he’s not only barred such samples, hospitals have to keep baby formula under lock and key and note on the baby’s chart a legit medical reason for why the infant is being given formula and it just solely being breastfed by the mother

  • I know so many people who have had iDevices stolen on the subway.It happens so fast.It occurs even with it in a pocket.They just grab the headphones.

  • dodo

    out in West, there is rash of home invasions. home robbery when going to funerals. stealing from a lady whose house was sinking. even mail deliveries of christmas presents stolen even when there were cameras around. stealing from baristas, bank robberies. all due to economic depression since 2008. who gets the blame for that.

    • studuncan

      I think you got the year wrong. You forgot to subtract 2000 years.

  • rj

    For those who haven’t read the article, the headline is: “Crime Is Up and Bloomberg Blames iPhone Thieves”.

    Nowhere in the article does he “blame iPhone”.

  • imthedude

    Yup, and if he took away big soda’s, everyone would be thin too! Bloomberg is a dope sometimes.

  • the_other_stevejobs

    If there were no Apple products in nYC, then there would be no theft of them there

    On the other hand, I carry my iPhone around and have never considered it being swiped. Of course, there are 19,000 concealed weapon permit holders in my middle America backward Bible clinging town

    I’m sure there’s nothing to this.

  • JohnDoey

    The only ones to blame are the Mayor, the police, and the carriers.

    iPhones not only have serial numbers and can be tracked by GPS, they also have a universal unique identifiers which is what enables the carrier to send calls that are made to your number to your phone. There is absolutely ZERO reason why a carrier should activate a phone that was already activated, unless the original owner deactivates the phone.

    We have databases, we have Internet connections. The police literally spend 75% of their time and budget tracking down and attacking marijuana users. Then they LAUGH at you when you want an IEMI-numbered phone or VIN-numbered vehicle back.

    I support individual cops and think they should all get a 100% raise and a 75% reduction in responsibilities by ending the drug war, but c’mon — there is no way to say they are doing a good job. They are literally stuck in the bigotry and racism of 1912, and taking almost zero actions that correspond to 21st century policing.

    A stolen iPhone could easily have zero street value because it simply can’t be activated by any carrier in the world.

    And Bloomberg and NYC? That is the police force that does random pedestrian stop-and-frisks that are so not random that more than 75% of the pedestrians they stop are African-American or Latino. They stop more African-Americans and Latinos in Manhattan every year than actually live in Manhattan. Meanwhile, on Wall Street they wrecked the world economy, and HSBC laundered money for Al-Qaida and there were zero arrests.

    So all Bloomberg did was show how clueless he is about the terrible job he is doing. It’s like a firefighters saying we’d have fewer fires this year if there were no apartment buildings.