Zuck’s sister snared in Facebook privacy pickle

Kashmir Hill, Forbes:

Being a member of the Facebook founder’s family won’t protect you from having your privacy breached on the social network. On Tuesday night, Randi Zuckerberg — older sister to Facebook’s CEO — posted a photo from a family gathering to Facebook (of course), showing her sisters using Facebook’s new Snapchat-esque ’Poke’ app on their phones, with Mark Zuckerberg watching with a confused look on his face. It popped up on the Facebook newsfeed of mediaite Callie Schweitzer who subscribes to Zuckerberg. Assuming the photo was a public one, Schweitzer tweeted it to her nearly 40,000 Twitter followers. Zuckerberg was not pleased.

Facebook’s privacy settings make the most technically sophisticated of us scratch our heads. I’d like to think that this is a wakeup call for Zuckerberg to untie (or perhaps just cut through) this Gordian knot, but I doubt it will be.

  • Winski

    One for the masses, and another for me is the sure sign of an ass-clown.

  • Sweet justice. Too far and few between.

  • My god, do you read any of the rhetoric you post?

    It was a photo that she posted to Friends and one of them copied the photo and posted it to Twitter. How the heck does that equate to “Facebook privacy settings roffle”?

    • It was a photo that she thought she had posted just to Friends but appeared to someone who wasn’t a friend (it was just a Subscriber). If I had hit the “Subscribe” button, I’d have seen the photo, even though I am not a friend.

  • Just….LOL