Netflix outage blamed on Amazon

The outage impacted Netflix subscribers across Canada, Latin America and the United States, and affected various devices that enable users to stream movies and television shows from home, Netflix spokesman Joris Evers said. Such devices range from gaming consoles like the Nintendo Wii and PlayStation 3 to Blu-ray DVD players.

  • Domicinator

    3/4 of the Christmas movies we traditionally watch were on Netflix this year. I was very happy about that, as we could choose whatever room/gadget in the house we wanted for viewing. Christmas Eve night, we go down to the man cave to watch Christmas Vacation–no go on the Xbox 360, no go on the Apple TV. Worked perfectly on the Mac Mini without a hiccup. Head scratcher.

    First world problems.

  • Jeff

    So Netflix relies on Amazon, which has its own competing streaming service in Amazon Instant Video. Sounds like a sound business model.

    • Tvaddic

      Where else could they go Google? Amazon is probably giving them a tremedous deal, because they are showing that their competitors trust them. Amazon isn’t dumb engouh to try any funny business, Amazon could run to Google, which would give them the same, or beeter, deal just to have a big name client.

      • Is it that tremendous a deal if outages continue?

        • Tvaddic

          Well Christmas Eve was most likely really busy, and I remember some outages around Sandy, but if the outages continue through next year. Then they would probably go somewhere else, they would be foolish to stay.

          • Agreed. Hope there’s enough competition to make good choices from.

          • They are already making moves. See their moves related to ISP.

          • I’d delve that deep if I was reliant upon their services, which I’m not.

          • I watching Daily while I code.

  • We look at Amazon and frown but they are holding up a TON of the Internet at this point. The fact they’re not down more often is amazing.

  • Every time Amazon’s hosting servers go down it affects Netflix, Twitter, and others, but it never seems to affect Amazon’s website. Hmmmmmm…