The Omni Group’s plans for 2013

Ken Case gives some insight into what will be happening with Omni’s product line in 2013.

  • marv08

    Definitely like the Visio and MS Project compatibility part for the respective iOS apps… That would be very helpful (as there is no real escaping that stuff).

    Also look forward to a better OS X version of OmniFocus. For now it is miles behind the iPad app, and still less usable (while, of course, more powerful) than the iPhone app. Have not used the OS X version in months. If they would just do away with the damned inspector and provide proper in place editing, it would solve most of my gripes, I assume.

    Perfectly happy with Outliner Professional on the desktop though (well, some printing magic that gives you more than a glorified screenshot would be welcome).

    What I would really love to see, as it is the Omni Group application I use most, is a new version of OmniGraffle. And I “only” want four new/enhanced features: 1. Better support for scales (the current approach is perfectly valid, but clumsy), 2. Labels on lines, 3. CMYK and spot colors, 4. Intelligent / parameterized stencils (e.g. gauges, timelines as in Visio) to facilitate project dashboard creation in less than a full day…

  • Sad to compare this with Bare Bones predicament. They committed to using iCloud for Yojimbo syncing and so far are completely screwed by Apple’s inability to make iCloud work for Core Data syncing. Judging by the Yojimbo mailing list they are losing customers in droves.

    Omni, by contrast, is using open web standards so that people can either sync to Omni’s servers (brilliantly named OmniPresence) or host their own private servers.

    I hate to see Bare Bones get the shaft from matters mostly out of their control. I’ve been a big BBEdit fan for a decade and am trying to stick it out with Yojimbo. I hope they and Apple can get this turned around pretty soon.