The history of Santa Claus


  • Awesome find. Thanks for sharing.

  • Franko65

    Great vid. Love the LOTR reference. Merry Christmas Jim, Peter, and fellow LoopInSighters!

  • JJ

    Santa Claus isn’t real?!

  • Actually the Dutch Sinterklaas lives in Spain during the off season and refers to a bishop from Turkey. The worst thing is that he employs a bunch of black men called Zwarte Piet (or Black Pieter), which do all the heavy lifting. Quite some things related to the Netherlands in your blog latley, Jim. If you want to visit or know more, you are more than welcom.

  • Jasper Janssen

    Sinterklaas’ horse has only been named Amerigo for the past twenty years or so. Every year there is an official parade with Sinterklaas entering the country (using his steamboat, “Pakjesboot no 5” [packages boat number 5]), and the horse he uses in that parade happened to be named Amerigo (after Amerigo Vespucci, who America is named after) for many years, although Amerigo has recently retired, presumably to a Spanish Hacienda to live out his remaining years. The replacement horse is also called Amerigo while on duty, but has a different name.

    By the way, contrast and compare the bishop Saint Nicholas with his red vestments and bishop’s staff on his white horse flying across the sky, versus certain depictions of Wotan (aka Wodan aka Odin) wearing his red viking cape on his six-legged white horse Sleipnir holding his Allfather staff.