iExplorer – Transfer Music from iPhone and iPad to iTunes [Sponsor]

iExplorer makes a great gift this holiday season for any iPhone or iPad owner. The app’s one-touch music transfer seamlessly copies all your music and playlists from your device back into iTunes. Its messages feature allows you to search and export all your messages to PDF files or other formats. The app also offers access to your device’s voicemails, photos, and much more.

  • iPadCary

    Sorry, Jim ….

    I just had to comment on this so I could ask if there’s a YEP/NOPE on the “iPad 5 In March 2013” rumor that’s flying around now!

    All the best this joyous holiday season to you & yours!

  • John234

    And why simply not using iStick from Softorino? Sooo much easier….

    • Kyle Chadwell