The love/hate relationship with WordPress

I’m glad I’m not the only one. I’ve written about my similar feelings on The Loop and my personal site in an article called “Sometimes too much is just too much.”

  • Recently, my WordPress blog went kaput. Don’t even know what happened. I couldn’t log in, so I had to try and disable plugins via FTP. That didn’t work, so I just gave up, salvaged what I could and moved my site over to Kirby (, a file-based CMS. I haven’t looked back. It’s a bit more work to set up than a WordPress site, but not dealing with WordPress’s crummy UI, and the headache that is MySQL makes it worth it.

    Obviously, different CMSes for different needs. Just thought I’d throw it out there for anybody who’s interested.

  • While I know you’re not explicitly looking for new back ends for The Loop, if you ever decide to, you might want to consider TextPattern. It doesn’t seem to be that well known, but it’s fairly easy to set up, much easier to customize than WordPress, and is very writing-focused. It’s more of a lightweight CMS than a blogging engine, but without the pain that’s normally associated with the letters “CMS”. Setting it up to work with MarsEdit was also pretty easy. It’s built around Textile rather than Markdown, but it’s not too difficult to make the mental switch, and I suspect the 4.6 release may allow you to switch to Markdown via a plugin. (PHP Markdown actually drops

    (I also use a static blogging system called Octopress, which is second cousin to Jekyll. It’s neat but I find it a little overly finicky at times.)

  • WordPress is a terribly bloated OS that is widely exploited by hackers. I will never go back to WordPress after using OS X on my MacBook Air. Never.

  • I’d usually get a compatibility error or two, when a new version of WordPress is installed, but on the whole, it’s been smooth and it serves my needs(and zero coding skills) perfectly.

  • I use tumblr, and it works just fine.