Nike – “Hockey Is Ours”

Yeah – it’s a Nike spot but it certainly captures how many Canadians feel about the game and its importance to our identity. Thanks to SlyM for the link to the video.

  • I miss my Flyers consistently being a playoff team, and then having a goaltender let them down. It is a travesty what they are doing to the fans.

  • Kevin Bartlett

    Although I’m not a hockey fan, I live in an Original 6 city that while not in Canada has a close and friendly relationship with our Canadian friends. Hockey belongs to Canada, what the professional game does really shouldn’t influence that. The NHL has repeatedly ignored it’s Canadian base (as well as Minnesota) maybe we are better off if the NHL dies and something else somehow takes its place…..maybe Nike should start up a new league…..with no teams in the American south (except Florida which is really just where well off Canadians go for the winter.